Hannah’s team plays Hoban (Ranked 3rd i …

Hannah’s team plays Hoban (Ranked 3rd in state) tomorrow. We’ll see most of it. Grandpa Holquist is here fixing Lucille’s ceiling. We’ll (except Hannah) head down to Ada for the Bears vs. Calvin College. Man, we can’t let the Calvinists beat any Lutherans. Bears win today 1-0 over Albion. Chris with the game winner. I picked up Mark’s grandpa and Mr. Mazzone and we journeyed together for the game. Went to the Bear’s Cave for supper… Pretty good burger, but service was slow.

The new McDonalds in Ada opens tomorrow. Wonder if they’ll pass out freebies? ….Nah.

Hey Nick and Joy. Check out the Bears’ blog. Has a pic of Brendan Thompson’s new baby. Carrying on look here now with existing theme of using high profile actors to push the call of duty franchise, fargo actor peter stormare plays the replacer’ in the new ad