Hey everyone Yesterday I spent a good 8…

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I spent a good 8 hours in various woodlots on Jones and Griggs roads in wellington trying to be the Great White Hunter. I have been spending numerous hours in the woods the past two weeks trying to harvest a white-tailed deer. Finally my hard work as payed off. In the morning dad and I went to a a local farm and set up. i went up in my tree stand and dad stayed down on the ground about 200 yards away from me. but dad had to go to a meeting so he left around 930 and i stayed for a bit. around 11 o’clock i decided to get down from my tree and go home for a nap because it was only 19 degrees out and i hadn’t seen a thing all morning. as i was walking to the van i saw 5 does running into the field in front of me so i figured they could possibly run my way so i put down my treestand and waited on the ground. after not seeing anything for awhile i decided to go back to where i was up in the tree stand for some reason. i cannot honestly explain my reasoning for this i just trusted my gut and did it. so i was standing next to a tree and no less then 30 seconds comes running a big bodied deer. i could tell it was a small buck. so as he walked by i pulled the trigger on him and i thought i hit him but apparently not. my bullet must have hit a small tree or something. bummer. i was upset. but i was still determined to get a kill. i switched spots at about 2 o’clock. and once again i was in luck. i got into my tree stand around 245. it was such a great day to deer hunt the snow was falling and it was so picturestic in the woods. i wish i had a camera. but not 15 minutes later low and behold i had about 5 or 6 does walking about 100 yards from me. as the biggest doe walked into a really bad shooting lane i decided i needed to shoot because they were walking into a thicket. so i pulled the trigger and she went down about 20 yards away from where i hit her. i really didn’t know how far of a shot it was until i paced it off. it was at about 97 yards from the tree i was up. that was the longest shot i have ever taken at a deer. but luckily my cva 50 caliber muzzelloader is a dead shot. he are some photos and i hope everyone enjoyed the story. i hope all can benefit from the meat.

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