Grown up job

I am pretty sure I have told everyone, but if I havent you should know that I just landed my first grown up job! yay! I will be full time graphic designer at Net Health Systems, Inc. . What the company does is make emr (electronic medical records) software for outpatient wound clinics. for those of you who don’t know outpatient wound clinics are where most of the really nasty injuries go. these are the wounds you look at and and look away as fast as you can. pretty serious stuff. So what I will be doing is updating and managing the website, designing all the promotional materials n@, and drinking lots of coffee.

Its a great opportunity and I am really excited to start and join the work forces. power to the people!!!

I cant wait to see all ofyou for the holidays. be safe and I will see most of you friday. Als beste lösung für das abfallproblem bietet sich auf lange sicht die zunehmende verwendung nachwachsender rohstoffquellen an