Hey everyone. I really haven’t been up …

Hey everyone. I really haven’t been up to anything exciting like i was in the fall. but i have been been lifting 3 times a week running twice a week. and trying to play at least twice a week. i’ve been pretty busy with school tho. i have written many many papers this quarter. my grades should be okay. hopefully over a 3.0.
i heard back from the internationals and they want me to come back for another tryout. so let us hope they see potential in me. i would love to travel with them but if not i would be more than happy to train with them 3 times a week during the summer. we will just trust that the Lord will put me in the best situation.
just a reminder that grandma holquist loves to receive emails on her machine so i think everyone should try to send her one this week. i will be calling her this weekend to see if everyone did. SO DO IT!!!!
I’ll talk to all of you soon. Das https://ghostwritinghilfe.com/ datumdas datum steht in der regel ebenfalls linksbündig