(to go along with the tune of Spike Jone …

(to go along with the tune of Spike Jones’ Camp Granada, sort of)
Hello mother. Hello father. Here I am at Camp IoDisECa. Camp is very…educating. And they’ll say we’ll have some prayer if vicar ever stops talking.
I went walking, with Cade-man. But he fell and, smacked his head-man. You remember his nice noggin. now it looks like he just got done with a floggin.
(end song, not motivated enough to continue rhyming)

I’m here as “Vicar of the Week” (formerly “Pastor of the Week” until the asked me to do it this week…) It’s been good. I’ve learned alot from having to lead Morning and Evening Prayer Offices and do interpretive amphitheater dancing, I mean interpret a campfire skit each night. The counselors here are from all over the midwest, even from Ohio (a PK, Lutz is her last name). They are in college or going into college. Hannah, I think you would love doing something like this in the future! These kids have a blast, here. And most of them are really funny.
More about the week later, maybe, If I’m still alive by the time August comes.
By the way, July 6th is my last Sunday of vicarage. We plan on moving back to Uhiuh (that is how Ohio is really pronounced for yinz yinzers), on July 30th. The information you learn will http://www.pro-essay-writer.com/ online essay writer be important, and short term cramming won’t do it