tradeshows part 1

Have you ever wondered what I do when I go to tradeshows? well I thought it would be cool to document it and share with yinz guys what it is I exactly do when I travel. Here are some pics of the tradeshow floor before and during setup. If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow you have probably only seen the magic of the booths already put together. Free cheap giveaways, sales reps competing for your business, and thousands of people milling about discovering the cool new technology and ideas.

Here is the premagic. Not glamorous by any means. Just blood and sweat getting the booth all set and trying to take as much advantage of the decorator (the Company or union that squeezes every penny of you) as you can.

There are some booths, hopefully there are some tomorrow, that are gigantic and completely ridiculous, and some that have only a small banner and a table. It all depends on how much you can and want to spend.

Today was set up for the vendors. The actual conference (for nurses and other professionals to earn CME’s – continuing education credits or something like that) is tomorrow through Friday. The conference is basically paid for by the vendors. An exposition hall is opened for a few hours and thats when its go time for my crew and I. There are 1600 registered participants this year. Not too big of a show, but one of the larger ones we participate in.

So Thats what I am getting into this week. I will post me pics tomorrow.

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